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Ronda P360-101

Description: 24m Passive Infra-red presence detector 240v single channel, is a versatile sensor that has the ability to be mounted at 1.5m though to 15m in height. With 2 channels one for lighting and 1 for HVAC controls. The lighting channel has the ability to switch up to 600w of LED load.

Programable though turn pots on the front and a remote control it is a sensor that is great in any situation

Product Manual
SKU: 2080025
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Technical Data

Working Voltage220-250VAC – 50/60Hz
Stand-by Power<0.5W
Output 1ch 240v 2300w resistive, 600w LED
2ch 50W/50 VA
Celling Cutout Size68mm Diameter(68A)
Detection Range24m Diameter at 3m Height
Mounting HeightMounting Height


  • Mountable from 1.5m to 15m
  • 24m diameter detection
  • 1ch 600W LED switching and 2ch 50W
  • Remote Control Programable
  • Trim pots for changing program without remote

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