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Luxa 103 S360-100 AP

  • Passive infrared presence detector, surface-mounting
  • 1 channel light (relay 230 V)
  • Circular detection area 360°, Ø 12 m (113 m2) at 3 m mounting height
  • Extension of the detection area by parallel switching, a maximum of 8 detectors can be connected in parallel
  • Connection option for push-button for manual switching
  • Operation as fully or semi-automatic possible
  • One directional brightness measurement (mixed light measurement)
  • Teach-in function, pulse function, test function, staircase lighting function
  • Ready for operation immediately due to factory presetting
  • Changes of values and settings are possible with potentiometers and with one of these optional remote controls:
  • App/universal remote control Senda B
  • Optional user remote control for manual override Senda S/SendaB
  • Restriction of the detection range possible
  • Also suitable for outdoor applications, by changing the installation location the detection range is reduced to Ø 8 m
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SKU: 1030062
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Technical Data

Working Voltage220-250VAC – 50/60Hz
Stand-by Power<0.5W
Load rating2300W Resistive, 400W LED
Mounting Screw Size60-80mm
Detection Range12m Diameter at 3m Height
Mounting Height1.5m Min - 5m Max


  • Elegant, timeless, low profile design
  • A Convenient setting via an app and remote control, only remote control or potentiometers
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • Low profile Surface Mounting to improve aesthetic appearance

Product Video Links

Luxa 103 S360 Installation and Adjustment

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