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Medium range sensor for home and small to medium office spaces. With a detection range up to 10m, with an installation height up to 5m. With both settings being able to be set but a rotary switch and remote control this sensor is easy to setup. With the ability to be a daylight harvesting only sensor it will suit most applications.

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SKU: JP-05
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Technical Data

Working Voltage220-250VAC – 50/60Hz
Stand-by Power<1W
Load rating1600W Resistive, 800w Capacitive
Celling Cutout Size65-72mm Diameter
Detection Range10m Diameter at 2.5m Height
Mounting Height1.5m Min - 5m Max


  • PIR motion sensor
  • 10m maximum detection range
  • Mounting height 2 – 5 m
  • 1600W maximum load
  • Rotary switch for pre-programed settings
  • Ability to become a Daylight Harvesting only sensor

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