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Reliable Lighting Control Suppliers

From providing sensor-based lighting control solutions though to building wide control and management solutions, Big Ideas Company can provide a control system to any customer needs.

With the goal of providing excellent customer service Big Ideas Company has become a go to provider of Lighting Control designs and products ranging from Hospitals and University’s though to Offices and Warehouses.

With over 100 years’ worth of combined experience in the Australian lighting industry Big Ideas Company will be able to ensure a Lighting control system that lives up to your requirements.


Our Products

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Our Services

We are specialist suppliers for the below services.


With a large range of products and specific solutions for Medical buildings we can help inprove your building.

Aged Care

With specific aged care products and solutions we can ensure clients are adequately lightened at all times.


Schools have a wide variety of specific control requirements we have a wide range of products to ensure client satisfaction.


In the commercial lighting control clients’ requirements is constantly changing and this being so we have a large range of products and solutions to suit any requirement.

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Products We Stock

  • Theben: 240v motion sensors and Lighting control devices
  • HDL: KNX Lighting control devices
  • Hytronik: 240v Motion Sensors
  • Ozuno: DALI Control devices
  • Big Ideas Company: Bespoke products designed in house for the Australian market

Here at the Big Ideas Company we stock a large variety of products, from standard 240v motion sensors though to KNX building control gear and Co2 monitors. We have nearly anything to ensure your projects control system is complete.